Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School: Supplies to Success

Hey There,

So, this is my first installment in my "Back to School" series. And what better way to kick off  this series than school supplies. They are the most important part of school and you do need them to succeed. So lets talk about supplies and organization. 

 First off, we need something to take our notes in. So, I got a five subject notebook and a single subject  notebook, instead of the tradition binder and paper. One of the reasons being that they  just adds extra wait to bag and I really don't want to break my back. Another reason being that the paper tends to rip and I end up losing my notes. 

Secondly, we need something to take our notes with. I usually write with a blue pen mostly because it brighter than black pens. They also don't fade way over time like pencil does. I also need pencils to take tests because we use scan-trons. And in order to use those pencils effectively I need a sharpener and erasers. 

 Thirdly, I bought a planner to remember my assignments and a accordion folder to hold my assignments. I also bought  some index cards to study for my tests. 

Finally, I bought a bag to carry my stuff and a pencil case too. 

I will talk about school lunch in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this post. Have an amazing day and good luck, hope you succeed this school year. 

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