Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did you guys hear?

Hey there!
So, I turn on my computer, check Facebook and this is what comes up,

Apparently,  COVERGIRL is translating the different industrial looks of the districts from the Hunger Games into actual makeup. How creative is that? Being a big fan of the Hunger Games, I for one am really excited about this. If you are not you might find this to be just another makeup line that uses smart marketing skills to get consumers to buy there overpriced products. Regard less of any of that, I still am quite thrilled about this line. The sheer creativity of these people is quiet interesting. If I ever get my hands on some extra cash, I would love to get my hands on this product.

I also love this look. I absolutely love how how the corners of her eyes are colored with yellow. This being a very dramatic step, is still, in my opinion is quite pretty. I feel like it will replace the tradition white cornered eye, which is usually used  to brighten  up your eyes.  I also love the natural looking brush and lips to complement the dramatic eye.  I would have thought the cheeks and lips would be dramatic too considering the fact that the people of that particular reality are very dramatic in there personal expressions of makeup and clothes. Luckily, it looks very wearable for our reality and I would love to see it sported at local driveways.

This is what the website shared about the look:

"Our districts make countless contributions to society and we in the Capitol are forever grateful to them. To celebrate the spirit and tireless efforts of our districts, we asked COVERGIRL to translate the various industries into captivating looks. Our first glimpse of  the coming collection? An avant-garde take on District 12, which mines the coal that powers the many workings of Panem. 
To capture the dark, foreboding work of this district, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist Dotti created an eye palette of shades reminiscent of the iridescent natural resource.  “I was inspired by the interpretation of coal mining, by the colors in coal mining: the dust, the grey, the silvers and the black,” she says of the collusion of strong colors that enhance our District 12 model’s blue-grey eyes.
Of the bright, bold sweep of canary yellow in the inner corner of the eye, Dotti adds: “It signifies the power in coal.” The model’s monochromatic black attire and long, thick braid is a nod to District 12’s very own heroine, Katniss Everdeen. " 

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