Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Blue Skater

Hey there!

I have been having those days when I just can't find pants to wear! Does that every happen to anyone? I remember this period in my life, it was after elementary school and before my teen years,  where all that I would wear consisted of pants, (except my school uniform, which was a navy blue skirt and a white button down). I had a whole closet full of denim which had different styles and cuts. I remember this really hideous creation of a pants I owned. I don't even remember their cut, I am guessing they were a cross breed between boot cut and straight. Oh, and their color was even more ridiculous, it was a dark blue denim washed in green I think, I can't even describe them properly, that's how bad they were. But I loved them none the less, I would ware them every chance I got. Fortunately, I out grew them, and welcomed other types of clothing items to my life. Today, my welcoming has reached to such an extent that I can't even find myself pants to wear. So, my hunt began, and I found this skater skirt at the bottom of my closet, and wore them with legging, as, despite the sun in these pictures, I am freezing!

(Wearing: Shirt: Dress Bran, Scarf: Gift, Skirt: Pantaloons, Legginess, Boots: Ross)  

Okay I for some reason just look way too happy in these pictures (but I do tend to be really happy) , and if you are wondering what I am doing, I was trying to throw leaves, which, as you can tell, was a failed attempted.

Hope you enjoyed the post! 

Have a wonderful week ahead. 


  1. Oh! Yes, it definitely happens to me! Cute and practical outfit! :)

  2. Love the skirt! That would be perfect for dancing!

  3. love the skirt, the color looks perfect on you!

    1. Aww thanks,I have always had a liking for the color blue.

  4. fun pictures girl :) wanna stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!

  5. Thanks for your comment
    Do you want to follow each other via gfc?


  6. Love the Blue. Just love it. :)

    Much Love,