Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Lazy Day Uniform

Hey There!

     I have a confession to make..... I am an outfit repeater! I know what you are thinking, but you know you have repeated outfits, especially the really comfy ones, don't try to deny it, that is what makes us human.
And if you haven't, bravo to you, because you are amazing. (I really wish I could do what you are doing)

      As I said before, I tend to repeat outfits, especially the really comfy ones. One of those is (I know, there is more than one, guilty), this little outfit. I have worn it so many times, as the cropped sweater is so comfortable and on trend. The scarf is so warm and I also added  some flats as that is classic me.

( Wearing: Sweater- Tommy Girl/ Scarf- Pantaloons(India)/Pants- TJmaxx/ Flats- Forever 21) 

Yes, The background is in the mail office, I was actually going to take the pictures outdoors, but my mom had to stop by the mail office, and since there was no one there, and it was cold outside, we took the pictures in there.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great week.


  1. heyy cute post! :)
    I repeat clothes all the time... but each time with a completely different look! :)

  2. hehehe..nothing wrong with repeating!!! We all have those got-to favorites that look and feel great :-)

  3. this is such a cute repeat it to again n again...good job on the pics in the mail off :)

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  5. love your scarf!
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  6. Nice outfit! :D well, we're still ordinary human, i also love to wear same outfit over and over again..:DD hehe..
    btw, followed you dear~ :D


  7. Haha, I repeat stuff too :D Doesn't matter, you look cute ^^^
    x, Lara

  8. Love the gray sweater! Thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me, following you now on Bloglovin and GFC! Follow back and Let’s stay connected! Have an amazing week!
    Kisses from Miami

  9. thanks for your lovely comment - i'm following you now =)

    and i personally i think repeating outfits is UNDERRATED. hahaha... i mean, if you buy something you supposedly love, wouldn't it make sense to wear it more than once? =P


  10. You are very pretty and love your smile. <3 Jiya.