Sunday, December 9, 2012

Caribbean Muse

Hey There!

You know how I always have a really long story followed by my outfit, well this time I really don't know what to say. I guess  I could start by telling you the story of this maxi skirt ( it is not really a story). It was grand mum's skirt way back in the day when she was my age , when India was still a British colony. I can't even imagine such a time, can you? Then it was passed down to her four daughters,till it reached my mum. After fifteen years of lying in a closet in India, it made its way all the way to my home, and I was in love with this heavy chiffon material, and had to incorporated it in some way, so I did. Hope you like it!

(Wearing: Top- Pantaloons, Skirt- Grandmum, Boots- Ross) 

Hope you have a great week ahead!


  1. heyyy so cute and lovely u look... :)
    love the blue!! and the skirt is lovely!! and all these years its in such good condition!! :)

  2. congrats!
    such a lovely blog! followin u ;)

  3. Wow! that skirt has a long long history. Supirsingly it looks as fresh and vibrant as ever! Seems like this is one thing you are going to cherish forever.

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  4. Great outfit! I really like the skirt. You have a great blog, I'm following you now :)

  5. What a beautiful skirt! Makes it so much better that it has such a great story! Lovely outfit!


  6. Gorgeous skirt! x, Kat

  7. are you kidding me that's an awesome story!!! You can one day sell that as a real vintage item ;] Love the royal blue btw so pretty!

    -K from

  8. Ohhhhhhhh I'm your #100 follower, nice number :P I like your skirt and outfit, beautiful color.
    I'd love to see you on my blog and hear any opinion or advice :D

  9. So beautiful! Please keep bloggin! =)