Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fashion Tag!

Hey there! 

This is my very first tag! (so excited!) Okay, so  I was tagged by Sara from Crime of Fashion, to take part in this wonderful tag, and decided, heck why not. This allows me to be more than a picture on a screen. So you  guys know who I really am. ( I love sharing myself with the world, for some reason)

Here are the Question and the answers!

What is your favorite fashion accessory ?

 I have three accessories that I can't live without. The first is a scarf, as they are amazing, and keep me so warm. Plus, they jazz up any outfit in my opinion. The second is a statement necklace, as they look so beautiful. The third is a bracelet, as since  my childhood I have been wearing them and would find it hard to not wear them. 

Who's your fashion role model ?

My favorite role models are Kate Middleton, Michelle Phan, and Weronika Załazińska. I have always looked up these amazing women for style inspiration. Kate Middleton, is so perfect in every thing she wares and does, how could you not love her. Michelle Phan, has been my role model ever since the time got into fashion, and I just love her elegant style. Weronika Zalazinka, has such a beautiful vintage mixed with modern style, that I am in love with it.  

What do you always carry with you ?

Lip balm and a hair tie.  A lip balm because I can't stand when my lips are chapped, they burn when I eat and discourage me from opening my mouth when I want to talk. A hair tie, as I have a lot of hair, so it tends to get frizzy, making it impossible to have it down. And sometimes I think better when it is tied back.
 What are your make up essentials ?

My make up essentials are a concealer and a light berry pink-ish lipstick.  The concealer as, I need coverage for my imperfect skin. The lipstick, as it matches my lip tone, and gives me an instead bright face. But I don't wear it on a daily bases, as my daily bases is going to school, and I personally don't care  what I look like at school.    

What would you describe your style as ?

I would describe my style as vintage mixed with a little modern and a little traditional Indian. ( Hopefully that makes sense.)

What inspired you to blog about fashion ?

It was during a boring summer that I had nothing to do what so every besides stare at other fashion blogs and watch youtube videos. So, I decided to start my own blog. 

Who is your favorite designer ?

Valentino and Chanel 

What is your favorite fashion store/shop ?

Forever 21

Who/what inspires your style ?

My mood. If I feel lazy, it would be something comfortable. If I feel like getting a little out there, then I will wear something out there. 

I'd like to tag :

Sheerja, Unity in Fashion and all of you! 

Hope you enjoyed the Tag! 


  1. great post! nice to learn a little about you xo

  2. Fabulous post! Always happy to learn a little more about a fellow blogger!


  3. Hi! I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congratulations! To check out all the details go here!


  4. FOREVER 21 !!! :D
    Nice tag hope to do more with you sweetie !! Xx

  5. I love Chanel and Valentino too! :) Thanks for sharing! Your blog is absolutely fabulous-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    ♥ Elle 
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