Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hey There!
Okay, you guys know that it is prom season! Yay! But with prom season comes a lot stress and chores. You know what I am talking about, you have to find the dress, shoes, a place that will do your hair, etc. The other day, I was helping my friend find a dress for her prom, ( The reason I am not buying a prom dress is because I am still in 10th grade, and only juniors and seniors are allowed at the prom at my school, I know, so sad), and I got an e-mail form this website, (which you could have guessed from the title), eFoxcity, telling me that they sell dress for all types of occasions, even Prom, for low prices, so if you are still hunting for a prom dress, or any other type of dress for a special occasion, you know where to look. Like I said before they have dresses for every occasion, even wedding dresses, which are as cheap as $59, isn't that amazing, so if you are a bride on a budget , you know where to look. Not only do they have dresses, but they also have  cheap clothes stores online, and  men's shirts.  

Pictures form the website
( I am in love with this dress which is a knock off of the dress Selena Gomez wore)

Hope you enjoyed the post, 
Have a great weekend! 



  1. That dress is awesome *_*
    I love the color!
    Wish I had an occasion to rock it =P

    A loser like me

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