Saturday, August 11, 2012

Style Crush: Selena Gomez

Recreated look

Hey there! ,
 I for one, adore Selena Gomez, and her style. In the picture above, I have recreated one of her casual looks, which I found online.

The top:  Forever 21
The Jacket :  Pilot 
The Pants :  Forever 21 
The Bag : Forever 21 
The Shoes: Payless 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for the one day delay, I came down with an illness called laziness. It is a pretty serious disease, it is the cause of not getting good grades, or that promotion, or even a clean table. 
Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for future posts. 
Thank you for your time. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day. 


  1. haha! Laziness is a serious disease ;-) Nice look! I would like to see your top fashion picks for Fall/Winter.