Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Favorite things

Favorite things
Hey There!,
 I will admit, I had no idea what to blog about today, but I was complied to post something, as I made a commitment to update the blog every other day. Plus, after school starts the amount of posts that I put out will decrease rapidly. So, I want to be a girl of her word, till summer lasted.
This post basically shows all of my favorite things up till know. ( and yes these are in the order, from the most loved to just loved).
1. I have been obsessing over peter pan collars ever since I saw them on Louis Vuitton's fashion show. They are so cute and, well, amazing. The question is, who would not like them?
2. Okay, I have been fussing over buying myself a leather jacket for a while. ( story time) One day, I finally decide, I will go out and buy myself  a leather jacket. So, I set out to the store, I looked around, and guess what, no leather jacket in sight.( It was the middle of summer.) I come home empty handed.   But here is the thing, I do not feel sad, that  I did not find a leather jacket. The reason being, I never owned anything leather before, and something as eye catching as a leather jacket was a pretty big step for me, and I guess I wasn't ready, till, I spotted this cute leather jacket. It is so perfect, it's not black, so it wouldn't be as edgy, and the color is very versatile.
3. I have been in love with belle flats since I can remember. They are so elegant and girls that they instantly make you look like royalty. ( Okay, maybe not, but I can still dream about it).
4. The moment summer started, I was hooked on cross bodies. They are so comfortable to carry around, as you hang them on your shoulders, and forget about them.
5. Chocolate! enough said. I have to say, I would have made it number one, but this being a fashion post, it just did not seem appropriate. But then again, I could not resist, so I  put  them in any way.
6. I saw this in Selena Gomez's photo shoot for Teen Vogue, and loved it very much. I had to have it, but realized, what would I do with such an umbrella? It would not protect me from the rain.If it did protect me from the sun, I would probably not carry it around with me, as when I would be in the sun, I am probably would be having fun, so why carry extra load.  

Hope you  enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like to see anything special. Feel free to comment. Have a wonderful day.