Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Backpacks for school


I know it's just the last day of July and school is almost a month away, but today I really wanted to look at backpacks for the new school year. I still have my backpack from last year, which I have been using for three years now, and thought it was time for an upgrade.  I looked at a couple of bags and I narrowed it down to these six bags. By the way, these bags are in no particular order. ( I haven't brought a new bag yet.)
1. This canvas bag is really adorable. I love the shape of the bag. The floral print is really vintage, and I am in love with everything vintage.
2. This bag is by Vera Bradley, and I love it a lot. I love; the floral print, the fact that it would be able to house my laptop, and it is impossible to stay disorganized with this bag. But I might not buy this bag, because it is quite expensive in my opinion. I would buy something this expensive if it weren't something I would  end up ruining in a matter of a semester. I say this because my backpacks go through a lot.( I would probably buy their carry on bag, because, like I said, it is impossible to stay disorganized with their bags.) 
3. Okay, the first bag is similar to this bag, but I love the fabric and the shape of these canvas bags. I also like how it is a neutral color, as it would go with almost every outfit. The red accents creates beautiful drama, which looks amazing. 
4. Oh the messenger bag. When I saw this bag, I don't know why, but I wanted it to be mine really badly. This seems quite ironic because as a child in elementary school, I found messenger bags very unattractive. This goes to show, how one's style evolves as they age. 
5. The PATTERN, polka dots. The only pattern that I loved for a really long time, besides floral of course. The color is also beautiful, and the shape of the bag, just gives you a school girl vibe, does it not?, okay maybe I  am the only one who gets the vibe.  
6. The last bag, okay, okay, I know, this bag looks the same as the first and third one, but you  can't blame me, canvas bags are so adorable.( and between us, I feel like I am going on an adventure, when I am with a canvas bag. Oh wow just realized how weird I am.) I love the color, and the muted stripe pattern.
So, which bag did you guys like the most, and what would your idle bag look like? Leave a comment  below. 


  1. I personally like the 1rst bag. I would want my bag to be pink with ribbons and lace, but thats not in my budget~!
    *(¯ ∀ ¯)*

    1. Yeah, I really like the first bag. I also like the messenger a lot, might buy that one.