Friday, October 26, 2012

Go green

Hey there! 
(wearing: dress from Tjmaxx, leggings,belt from Steve madden, Boots from Ross,Scarf from my mom's closet)

As a child, I always found myself refusing the color green from my life. I don't know the reasons for this action, but I do know I developed a weird disliking feeling towards this color. I don't even think I owned anything green. At the same time, I was in love with sitting outside, on the green, wet, and sometimes even muddy grass, till my mother would drag be back into the house, get me cleaned up, while  getting mad at me for doing this, as she was afraid I would get bit by a weird insect or something. Despite her strong opposition towards me sitting on the grass without a mat, I would still go outside, and find myself sitting an the bare green grass,  just looking up into the sky, or reading a book, sometimes even taking part in a tea party with my fellow stuffed animals. Basically, what I am trying to say is, even though I disliked the color green, I loved what it was associated with. I loved the outside, nature in general. It's beauty, it's simplicity. I have also, over the years learned to accept the color green. In this look, I am sporting this beautiful emerald green, chiffon scarf.  Hope my story made some sense, if not, heck, just enjoy the outfit. 

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Lovely outfit, the scarf is beautiful.


  2. Great outfit. Love the background.

  3. Cute! I'm following your blog now :)

  4. love the scarf....

  5. So pretty!! I specially love the shots, near pond and i love green. any green. :) <3